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To Forgive

Yes we need to and should forgive those who hurt us …not for them but for our own peace …

This is something everyone understands but you have to admit it’s not of the easiest things to do

But the biggest mistake we make …especially the ones who understand the greater good in forgiveness is clubbing forgiving with forgetting and thinking they should go back to being the way they were before the need for forgiveness arose

Buddy Forgiveness does not have to mean forgetting or going back to the way it was

Forgiveness means just that …


And more often than not

“Forgive and Let Go “is far better than “Forgive and Forget “

The “Forgive and Forget ” mindset is what causes the same cycles of hurt to be repeated again and again till a person questions the whole ideal of forgiveness

Good people feel guilty and bad if they can’t go back to feeling and being the way they were once they have forgiven the wrong done …

This is because of the bullshit association of forgiveness being clubbed with martyrdom …..if you can forgive …FORGIVE !

But if you CANNOT go back to being the way you were before …Honour that !!!…BE FINE WITH IT ..ITS OK !

Would love to know your thoughts on this 😊

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You Can Do This Simple Thing Once A Panic Or Anxiety Attack Has Already Started

In these stressful and Anxious times everyone needs a few tools in their toolbox to stay calm 🙏

If you’ve ever got anxiety or a panic attack or experience stress please do try this

Explained By Me In 1 Minute



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At The End

We can learn a million healing modalities

We can go to a thousand healers

But …

At the end …

When a real problem ….miscreation …unwanted creation ….stares us in our face…….

There is only the ONE CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS that we can turn to….

The creator of all there is ….

The creator ….

The one God …..

Is the only one who can solve our problems …who can deliver miracles ….

All the forms ,representations of God, all the healing modalities of the world are just ways to open our consciousness up to the one force … the one …the creator ….who is the only one who can change the situation….who can help us …who does miracles …..

All the representations of God ,all the healing modalities …are just different ways of opening up the consciousness to connect with the one divine …..

At the end …The Creator is the ONE who we turn to

At the end ….

Its all just one power we are tapping into thru all the different religions,names,images,idols, representations and healing modalities …,,

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One of the most interesting words i have come across “Hangxiety”

This word caught my attention and interest a while back …

I had seen it used in some posts on instagram but had just laughed it off 

Its was only when life did throw some seriously serious lessons at me that i started appreciating this interesting and what i would call fun word 

We spend so much time worrying and STRESSING about bullshit people and things that dont deserve even a minute of our time or energy

Its only when we are EITHER faced with bigger issues OR have moved ahead from some situations and people and are really happy in our own lives that we realize that the previous small stuff we had been getting anxious,sad,stressed,depressed about was so damn inconsequential.

Dont sweat the small stuff is just a book you,ve read till you realize ….NOT TO SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF 

So if someone or something is not in alignment with your spirit and soul …….

Dont hang On!…… “Hang the Anxiety” …let go…dont stress and sweat over it ….

As long as you and your loved ones are safe,healthy , have food to eat and a house to live in …send prayers to those who dont …..be in gratitude…….eat ,pray love stay safe stay healthy …because that is all that really matters …

The rest is “Hangxiety”

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Love And Looks

Even though its perfectly natural to get attracted to someone based on their looks …A “love” thats based on looks alone cannot survive the test of time

So many people become slaves to anothers looks and do not care what the persons beliefs ,values, thoughts are

And these are the very people who do end up paying a high price for a love thats as skin deep as looks ….

Looks fade …Hair gets grey shades ………….

Only a love of the heart and soul …will always remain ..❤️

Its high time we realized the difference 👊🏻

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Love Is Love And Pain Is Pain

Most of us translate the pain someone puts us thru as LOVE …

But love does not cause pain…..

The more pain we feel the more we believe we love the person when in reality …All we are feeling is PAIN ….Which comes when the other is doing something we dont want ….which could be anything from lieing to us to disrespecting us to cheating on us or leaving us …..

Emotional Pain we feel in any form of relationship should be a warning to us to love ourselves enough to detach from the person or situation …and not an indication of how much we love the other ….

Love is Love …And Pain Is Pain

Understand the difference


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Apathy And Turning A Blind Eye …

We live in a world where power seems to be only with the corrupt …But maybe this is the time for change …

Maybe this is the time we all take our own power back

Most of us have been living lives of Apathy where we have resigned to everything …

Maybe all that is happening globally is a wake up call ….to all who turn a blind eye thinking theres nothing we can do …

Maybe alone we cant but if all the good people come together ….Can we be #strong enough to make a difference ?

I believe we can

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With so much chaos going on all around ….

Its so easy to loose our center and go into the chaotic energy of the situations …

But its now that we have to stay calm ….

Dont turn a blind eye to whats happening …but also dont loose your center …

Stay calm …

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